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Jack Taylor, 17

My wood working career started out as a simple hobby; a passion to create things. From an early age I built various things and what I called "inventions" but we more like rude Goldberg contraptions. When I was twelve, I made my first chopping board for my mum as a Mother's Day gift. After that, my neighbours and friends saw the board I made and ordered one of themselves. When I was 16, I won a grant through a government program that helps young entrepreneurs start a business. This helped me to learn accounting practices and business organization skills to run a success company. Since then I have made hundreds of chopping boards for people all over the world. Chopping boards aren't the only product that I make as I am always looking for new project to start. I have made clocks, coffee tables, lamps, knife blocks and other things that I need or people want. It's been a great journey starting a company at such a young age, but I have learnt many life lessons and has given me a career pathway that I love.


“This is the best cutting board money can buy. Makes a great gift for Realtors.”

“Great customer service! I had a small issue with a board that was given to me as a gift and Taylor Chopping Boards was so easy to work with and flexible in solving the issue. Not only are the boards beautifully crafted but they really stand behind their products!”

“Great service and great quality all in one!”